Friday, September 16, 2011

Tragic loss of Moderne high school in British Columbia

The 1948 Streamlined Moderne style Southern Okanagan Secondary School, located in Oliver, B.C., was consumed by fire on Monday, Sept. 12. 

The school had been undergoing a $29-million renovation, and while the new gymnasium, science laboratory and cafeteria were saved, the south and east wings were destroyed, as was the cherished and historic auditorium.

Thanks to Robert Hill, author of the Biographical Dictionary of Architects in Canada 1800–1950, for passing along that the school was designed by Theo Korner and Harry W.  Postle in 1945–46.

For news story links, visit The Globe and Mail, Wikipedia, or Google the school's name. 


  1. What a tragedy :(

    It is interesting that the architects would have chosen the Streamlined Moderne style as late as 1948. And they certainly achieved a dramatic and classy look, at least as far as a person can see from your photo of the front entrance. The students back in 1948 must have thought they were a pretty special lot :)

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