Monday, November 29, 2010

A 'supreme' example of French-flavoured Deco

The Supreme Court of Canada building in Ottawa, designed by Montreal-based architect Ernest Cormier, is one of the most refined examples of Art Deco in the country.

The building elegantly combines Stripped Classical features such as fluted pilasters, coffered ceiling panels and a striking symmetrical marble staircase with geometric frosted panes of glass in the front facade windows and thoroughly modern chandeliers.

It is said that the Prime Minister of the day, William Lyon Mackenzie King, insisted that Cormier add the chateau-style copper roof to the building to make it blend in with its neighbouring buildings. Nonetheless, the building's Deco charm easily shines through!

Thanks to David Thompson's blog posting for this photo and for reminding me about the wonders of this building (which coincidentally, was the reason I got interested in Art Deco in the first place!).

Check out the 360-degree virtual tours of the building from the government's official website.

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